Thursday, July 22, 2010

Many Changes Here......I've been to Italy, and I have a new MacBookPro

Its been a long month or so....I got very engrossed in a consulting project, and preparing for the world FITASC in Italy for the last month. I rationalized my lack of blogging by planning to blog the entire trip to Italy. Well, the best laid plans of mice and bloggers 'oft go astray! When I landed in Rome, I tried to start my PC notebook, and all I could get was the blue screen of death! I was unbelievably unhappy....but no blogging was to be done on the trip.

I did have a great time, and not only shot the World FITASC, I also visited the BERETTA facility. I do have some pics and will be posting some comments here as time allows....because I took the plunge and bought a new laptop....this time a MacBook Pro, and it is taking some time to learn the new operating system, but I am very hopeful that this will truly be a more stable operating system.

Check back soon as I have much to fill you in on!



Saturday, June 19, 2010

The North American Grand Prix......half way through!

Back at my favorite club in the midwest, Claythorne Lodge , for the North American Grand Prix. I shot fairly well in the sporting prelim, but I was squaded with my buddy Brad Kid, who posted an outstanding 96 for HOA. I shot the first half of the FITASC this morning......started with a 25x25 on my first layout, and dwindling down to a 18x25 on my last( we shoot 4 parcours today).

I have the Freedom Cup Sporting left to do this afternoon, then the second half of the FITASC tomorrow.....and I'm looking forward to it!



Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Heading to the NRA Convention in Charlotte!

Tomorrow I'm heading to the National Rifle Association's National Convention in Charlotte, NC. I'll be there with Beretta, and invite all my friends to come by the booth and let me show you around.

Show link.... NRA CONVENTION

See you there!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Be a target shooter, not a target critic.....and other lessons.....

So I'm helping a student, and we are trying to figure out why his performance wasn't up to par at his last major shoot. The good news was that I was in his squad at the shoot in question, so I already had a good idea.....

I sat through stories of all the reasons ...... problems at work, problems with others in the squad, the sun was in my eyes, I think my gun doesn't fit me anymore....maybe it was the new shells, my tummy didn't feel good...and oh yeah, I hated those targets, because you know SOandSO set them, and everybody knows his targets are terrible....

Oh Really? I ask....

Why did you think they weren't well set?

Well, there were too many quartering/crossing/incoming/outgoing round disc shaped birds, and they were either orange or black! what was the target setter thinking! Everybody knows that this guys sets terrible targets!

Oh Really? I ask.....

Well, I asked him if he had heard about this problem with the target setter before the shoot? and yes, of course, his other friends had filled him in....and sure enough, there were waaaay to many of some type of targets set and that confirmed that there was a problem.

And my student went into this shoot, convinced that the targets would not be to his liking,  and of course, they were not. He was convinced they were going to be "bad targets" before the weekend started. It was the topic of conversation before/during/ and after the much that he was not planning his next station while waiting to shoot, but stewing on these awful targets.....and you can imagine how that helps your score!

I shouldn't sound so pious....I have fallen victim to the same evil vice, that of being a Target Critic( the all knowing, wise to the ways of sporting clays) instead of the Target Shooter. The Target Critic may sound like he knows a lot about the game( and have a built in excuse for poor performance), but the target critic rarely performs well.....since, you know, it was the fault of the poorly set targets. This evil usually befalls a shooter after he has been to a few "great shoots" with "great targets", and suddenly finds himself not shooting up to his level of expectations. It certainly can't be the shooter's fault, it must be something else.....let's blame the target setter!

I got tired of letting my performance slip by having my own little pity party about the target quality, and decided that I have to play with what is set for me to shoot right now. I can decide whether I like them next week.

Look gang, when you went through registration, you signed up to enter a competition shooting targets, not showing your experience by criticizing them. You signed up to shoot the targets that were presented for that quit talking( and whining ) about them, and set about killing them. I promise you will have more fun.

You can bitch about them Monday on the internet....



PS, if you know the target setter for the upcoming shoot is famous for a particular style of target, and you haven't practiced that type of target until you can hammer them over and over again......then whose fault is it really?

My Momma drowned all the dumb babies.....

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One more day of instruction and then its time for the Georgia State Sporting Clays Shoot

I'm sitting here tonite at Big Red Oak Plantation, getting ready for one last day of instruction. Then Friday, its game day for the Georgia State Sporting Clay Championships @ Cherokee Rose in Griffin, Ga. Casey Atkinson and crew at the 'Rose always do a good job, and I'm sure this shoot will be spectacular! Time to get ready for race day!



Monday, April 12, 2010

Palmetto Cup...good weather, good targets, good times.....and a HOA Trophy!

The 2010 Palmetto Cup is finished, and what a great shoot it was! Great targets, great weather, and good times with old friends! Target setting was done by club owner Joe Cantey and trap wizard Chuck Frazier. Turnout at the shoot was light, but that didn't keep those of us that showed up from having a great weekend. I managed a 2nd place finish in the prelimary, got my butt kicked badly in the FITASC( HOA was Todd Simmons of Georgia in both the Prelim and FITASC-Good shooting TODD!), but shot a 190x200 in the main event to take HOA , clear of the second place score by 5 birds. I felt good with my shooting, and look forward to the next tournament.... the Gamaliel Cup in Nashville next weekend!



Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"This is when we WIN"....a lesson learned from Dan Carlisle

This past weekend, I had a good shoot. I had not performed as well as I had wanted at my first 2 events this year, and I was determined to get my game together. I practiced....I worked on my mindset, and I was prepared. I went to the North American FITASC with my head on straight, and full of confidence that I had done what was needed to have a good weekend.

But there were doubts of another kind in the air even before I got to the shoot. The North American FITASC was to be held at a new club, and there were concerns that the club wasn't really ready for a big tournament. On top of that, the weather wasn't looking so club( fresh earth moving) + rain= MUD. As I drove to the shoot, I was starting to get apprehensive. I was talking on the cell phone to a buddy about this, and he mentioned that like business, sometimes you can snatch victory out of a chaotic situation. That comment reminded me of a shoot earlier in my career...

It was at the Seminole Cup back in the TM Ranch days. I was shooting the main event with my coach and friend, Dan Carlisle, and we were both shooting well....really well. We were pushing each other every stand, and the squad had a real positive vibe to it (anyone that has squadded with Dan knows what I'm talking about). Then, the storm to end all storms came over the horizon......I mean cold, harsh wind, and heavy, sideways rain. I dove into my well stocked range bag and came out with a nice rain suit, waterproof hat, gloves...the whole get up that an aspiring "top shooter" was supposed to have at hand.

Didn't matter....I was miserable ...cold, wet was awful, and what a shame, I had been shooting so well, but that was slipping away from me. I was standing around whining about being cold and wet. Then I looked over at Dan....he had on the same blue jeans and tshirt that he started the round with....he was laughing at the mud, making jokes about the rising water and getting the truck stuck on the way out of the club.....he was having fun.

That was when he grabbed me by my rain suit (might as well have been by the scruff of the neck) and pulled me behind the golf cart, and said "...listen Bubba, all these other shooters are bitchin' about the weather, and they aren't focused on SHOOTING and WINNING.....this is when we WIN!" Well, he was right of course.....all I needed to do was keep my wits about me for a couple of hours of rain, which I have done thousand of days in the duck blind or deer stand, and stay focused on the job at hand. A couple of hours of rain isn't going to kill won''t melt. You can get dry and warm in the clubhouse or hotel.

I didn't win that Seminole Cup....I had let too many get away during the few stations that I had my little pity party..... but Dan did.....I finished up well behind Dan, but much better than if we hadn't had that talk. I've learned a lot from him, about how to handle a shotgun, and about how to win.

I stopped on the way to the club and got a new rain suit, I cleaned my DT10, and rubbed it down with plenty of rust preventative. When I started up the drive to the club, they were already cars stuck in the parking area.....I engaged the 4 wheel drive on my truck, telling myself that I would need to wash the mud out of my front hubs after the shoot was over, before I headed home. I was ready for the weather, and I was ready to make a run for the title when I got to the shoot. Thanks Dan.



Sunday, March 28, 2010

The North American FITASC Champioships.......GREAT TARGETS

I'm in a Holiday Inn, part if the way home from Bucksnort, TN and the North American FITASC Championships. Its been a long weekend, with plenty of crappy weather, muddy roads, and great targets! The North American Championships is the new name for the old Pan American FITASC Championships, and is still a FITASC World Cup event, and this year is also a TEAM USA Qualifier. After 8 great parcours, I came from 3 targets behind ( after Saturday's scores ) and tied my old friend Jon Kruger on a score of 190x200. We were both pleased as target setter, former World FITASC Champion for the UK, Ben Husthwaite had predicted that the winning score would be no higher than 188, and probably as low as 182! After a full parcour shootoff, I edged out Jon for the HOA Gold Medal. It was a fun shootoff, and certainly one I won't soon forget!

I'm cold and tired, and soon to be asleep, but here are a few pics.....

The targets were a hard bit of work, but shooting FITASC still beats working!



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Done with instruction for the week.....on to the North American FITASC Championship!

I finished up teaching today in Georgia @ Big Red Oak Plantation, and got in a bit of practice today with my buddies Randy Travalia and  Larry Farrow. Larry is still recovering from shoulder surgery, but he shot well today. Randy shot well, as always, and he looks like he has his game face on for this weekend's big shoot in TN....

The North American FITASC Championships in Bucksnort, TN.

I felt pretty good in practice today, and am looking forward to hitting the parcours. My buddy Ben Husthwaite is over from the UK to set the targets, so that should be well inhand. The targets should be great! If you love FITASC, I'll see you at the shoot!



Monday, March 22, 2010

Another Successful Atlanta Charity Clays Event is in the History Books!

I had a great time this past weekend at the Atlanta Charity Clays Event, ....again! I've been attending this event for 7 or 8 years, and it is quite a great time, and raises funds for a great cause.

Atlanta Charity Clays

We shot for 2 days, at 2 different venues. Good targets for a this type of event, and plenty of good times! My friends Vinnie Hancock and Glenn Eller, both Shotgun Gold Medal winners in the Beijing Olympics, showed up to help, and we had a great time in the shootoff at the end. If you want to shoot some clays for a great cause, think about coming next March!

, ,

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The National FITASC is Over, Congrats to Byron Justice!

Well, another National FITASC Championships are in the record books, and a hearty round of congratulations go out to Byron Justice, our new National Champion. Well done Byron. It was a hard fought event, with very challenging targets. Challenging, but fair. I would go back and pay to shoot them tomorrow, if they were still up! Well done Rio Brazos, and especially great job by the target setter, Randy Voss of Caribou Gun Club from Minnesota.

I shoot well enough on the first day, pretty well on the second, and let myself down on the last. Ending up Master 3rd. I shot fair in the 2 sporting events. The main thing is that I really feel the competitive edge coming back to my game, and I'm fired up for my next registered event in 2 weeks time at the North American FITASC Grand Prix.

See you there......



Friday, March 12, 2010

National FITASC @ Rio Brazos

First day of competition @ the National FITASC championships today, and the targets were stiff. Shot parcours 5,6 and 7 today, and scored pretty well ( 24,22, and 21). I felt good about the first 2 scores, but felt I let down a bit on the last. Out on the course tomorrow at 8 am, so I'm off to bed now to get some sleep!



Wednesday, March 10, 2010

DT10 and TRG22, .....and the Weather Was Grand!

I got to Houston late last night, and today I went to American Shooting Center to shoot a bit. Head Honcho and good friend,  Ed Arrighi, who is shooting the National FITASC also, joined me for a couple of hundred practice targets. We had a great time, working out the kinks and "getting our confidence on". With plenty of daylight left, I headed to the longrange rifle area and broke out the Sako TRG. I have been looking forward to shooting on ASC's range out to 600 yards, and getting firm zero's, or "come up's" out to 600 yrds. That is now accomplished, and the 12" steel plate @ 600 yards was ringing for quite awhile!

I had soooo much fun @ ASC, I'm going back tomorrow!



Sunday, March 7, 2010

Been to Burge, and now at Big Red Oak Plantation.....

I finished 2 days of instruction at Burge Plantation, and now I'm at Big Red Oak. I've got a full day of lessons for tomorrow, and it looks like the rains will start Tuesday. Then, I'll head on out to Texas!

Yesterday, my first 'lesson' was a special longtime friend and student Larry Farrow came out to shoot for the first time in over a year. Larry had shoulder surgery, and has been out of the game for quite awhile. The doc have finally cleared him to start shooting again, and we went out for an hour to test the waters. While his endurance was short, he certainly had not lost his touch, and he was blasting targets with abandon.

You could have driven a pickup truck through his smile when he broke his first target. Only afterward did he realize that there was no pain(!). He will need plenty of practice to build his shooting arms' strength back up, but one thing Larry has never been scared of was burning shotgun shells, and lots of dedicated, hard practice!

Glad to have you back in the game Larry,



Friday, March 5, 2010

Heading to Georgia, Texas, Georgia, and Tennesee

This is my least favorite part of my great job/lifestyle/passion.....packing for the extended road trip. I'm leaving tomorrow ( early tomorrow ) , heading to Burge Plantation for lessons for the afternoon. Then the next day to Big Red Oak in Gay, Ga to teach through Monday evening. Then on to Houston for the National Fitasc Championships @ Rio Brazos over the following weekend. I teach the Monday, Tuesday, and half day Wednesday after the shoot ( 3/15-17) @ American Shooting Centers in Houston. Then back across the south to Atlanta for the Atlanta Charity Clays event ( 3/19-20) at Burge Plantation. I teach in the Atlanta area after the shoot till Wednesday ( 3/21-23) and then head up to the new club, Dogwood Hollow, in western Tennesee for the North American Fitasc Gran Prix ( 3/26-28).

I then get to finally come home.

So back to the thing I hate....figuring out everything I need for basically a month of inside and outdside activities in 3 different states, spread over 3 weeks. Everything from coat and tie dinners at the Charity Clays event, to shooting tournaments in any possible kind of weather, to possibly hunting hogs in Texas.

Oh well, it still BEATS WORKING.



Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Devil Made Me Do It.......I Had To Order a New Wilson Combat 1911

I 'fessed up that I seriously love custom 1911 pattern handguns. I mean I really dig them. Well, I broke down and ordered a new custom carry gun today from my friends @ Wilson Combat. I ordered the new Ultralight Carry, which is a full size 1911, but with a lightweight aluminum alloy frame to save weight. Its about half a pound lighter on your belt than an all steel version of the same is a pic...

I ordered the gun with several custom options including being chambered in the potent .38 Super chambering, with a spare fitted 9mm barrel( .38 Super for carry, and cheap 9mm for practice ). Also both barrels will be feature deep flutes to reduce weight( and look cool ). Gonna be a neat in about 5 -6 weeks....I"ll post pics when I get it!




I got a chance to shoot some Gamebore Blue Diamond shells today, and I came away quite impressed! Same quality Diamond shot as the famous White Gold[ my go-to favorite shells], but with reduced recoil due to lower velocity( 1200 fps@ 3ft ) and quality Gordon System hulls, made famous by B&P. These hulls further reduce recoil by nature of a collapsing internal chamber in the base of the hull to help reduce pressure.

They were very soft on the shoulder, with a smooth recoil, and they smoked targets. I think these shells will be very popular.



Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stories From the Range

Here is a good story,

So Sunday, I was giving a lesson to a young couple.....apparently they are “dating"....well, he was having a real hard time keeping his focus on the clay till the end of the shot. He was measuring lead, and missing behind. I explained to both of them that when the focus left the target to measure the lead, that the barrels slowed, and he was consistently behind the target. Even though he understood what was going on, he just couldn’t consistently keep his eyes locked on the bird….and he was getting frustrated.

So we took a break, and I told them a story of a 13 year old boy in my youth program that had the same problem. I told the young man to stare at the target like a cheerleader’s butt.....and after a few sheepish laughs and grins, the young shooter started busting targets.

After this break, and moment of levity, I put the guy back in the shooting box, and he called for a bird[ the same one he had missed 10 times in a row]. He smoked the clay! Everyone was happy and congratulations were passed around.

I then asked them what we learned…..before either could answer with something about focus.....I told the young lady the answer was that she is getting a short skirt and pom-poms for her birthday!

Sometimes, I’m sooooo witty, I amuse myself.



Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stopping @ Big Red Oak for lessons this Sunday and Monday

I'm driving to Houston next week for the National FITASC, and have carved a couple of days out of my schedule to stop @ Big Red Oak Plantation in Gay, Ga. I'll be @ BRO on this Sunday(3/7) and Monday(3/8). Please contact me ASAP if you are interested in booking some time!



Tuesday, February 16, 2010

All Packed Up, and Ready to Go to SEMINOLE CUP!

Heading out early tomorrow......I just have to stop by the shell warehouse and pickup ammo for the gang, and then about 10 hours of driving. I've got a good squad- Ben Brunton, John Bauer, Jon Kent, and Vinnie Hancock. JB and Jon can certainly hold their own, but there is something about having a 2 time world champion[Brunton] and a Olympic Gold Medal Winner[Hancock] in your squad to give the squad a good vibe.

There is something about Seminole Cup every is THE EVENT that starts things off. I have been every year since 1995. I won't lie and say that I'm as excited tonite as I was the night before I left for the shoot in '95, but I still get that tingle everytime I get ready for the first Big Blast of the season.



Monday, February 15, 2010

Sporting Clays in the SNOW

This winter cannot end soon enough. Saturday was lessons in the snow. I got a chance for a bit of practice late in the day for myself, and shot a flat of shells yesterday afternoon again in practice. This weather is killing my ability to get enough practice in! I truly understand the plight \my friends in the north face each year. Yeah, you can get some practice in, but shooting all bundled up in heavy cloths is just not the same......aaarrrrgggghhhh. I can't wait to head to Florida for Seminole Cup this week! I may not have gotten in as much practice as I want, but at least it should be WARM.



Saturday, February 13, 2010

GAMEBORE for Atlanta.....

Just to spread the ship Gamebore shells to the Atlanta area in a cost effective way, I need to put together a 100 flat order. I have 50 flats placed with one student, so if someone in the area wants a good deal on great shells, give me a shout, and we can make this happen!



There is more to this shooting gig than just clay targets.....

I know that it's blasphemy to say that there is more to shooting than just clays or wingshooting....but I'll say it, I want more. I mentioned in my first entry to this blog that there would be more....well there will be.......

I'm setting  a goal of continuing my journey to be a more well rounded shooter and instructor  this year. I plan on attending at least one advanced tactical handgun, carbine, and tactiacl precision rifle class this year. Obliviously this is partially out of personal interest and desire, but also because I have enough of my students that want me to  be able to help them down the same road. I plan on being able to help them in whatever journey down the shooting road they want to take.

Hell, I like road trips!

Best Regards,


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

News from NSCA Advisory "New Executive Council"

Looks like there was some major changes to come out of the NSCA Advisory Council Meeting last weekend in San Antonio....

Newly Elected NSCA Executive Council

Seems like the sentiments must have been to get new blood into the Executive Council.

A thank you goes out to the past Executive Council for the service and dedication of the past members. While eveyone [ myself included] may not have agreed all  with the councils decisions, I think this Executive Council has advanced the sport more than councils of the past. I think no one ever doubted their dedication. The members owe this past Executive Council a debt of gratitude.

To the new leaders on the Executive is your time. You have been elected by your peers, and you owe it to the membership to make the best of your time in office. As you can imagine, many eyes are upon you, do what needs to be done for the best of the sport, not for your own interest, or to win other's approval. You must walk the line of doing what you know is right for the sport, and also not just looking at issues from just your point of view.

Best Regards,


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Please, tell yourself to FOCUS on the target

I stop by the local range, Rocky Creek , to drop off some Gamebore shotshells today, and a good old friend asked me to help him with a pair of targets that way giving him trouble. He helped me unload the shells, and I helped him with the station....fair enough.

So, it was a realitively fast true pair, and he was swinging the gun with enough energy that if we could convert it to electricity, we could light Las Vegas......and not hitting anything. So we talked briefly about a plan...which one to shoot first and why.....and still nothing.....lost/lost. Ok, I asked him what he was focusing on regarding the first target. I get a blank stare..... So I suggested that he try to focus on where the black belly meets the orange rim on that target. He loads up, and call for the pair..... dead/lost. Well, we are making headway!

A couple of more pairs....still dead/lost. I'm thinking surely he gets it....? We picked out some detail to focus on the first bird, so that he had the target in focus as he stroked the bird, and he hit it.....maybe we should do that on the second bird also? Nope, he was soooo wrapped up in shooting fast enough to  have a chance at the second bird, he was not doing what was needed to break it. OK, lets take the next step...

I bring up that we hit the first bird by finding some detail to focus on, and he agrees....he understands that worked. So I bring up that maybe we should do that on the second bird [ok, I admit it, I used a bit of sarcasm at this point]. So we talk about the second bird, and decided on what was most visible on that bird in the area that he was going to engage it.....pull-DEAD PAIR.

Big Smile....and I got to see one of my favorite sights, the light bulb going off over his head.



Sunday, January 31, 2010

Setting Goals for the Upcoming Sporting Clay Season

Ok Folks,
Do you have this season's goals set? Often I hear that a student's goal is to move up in class....fair enough, I can see that......but realize, if that is the case, you need to plan your calender accordingly. If your goal is to move up, you have to not only improve your shooting ability [and of course your competing ability], you have to go to where the punches can be earned. Drives me nuts when shooters go on and on about wanting to move up in class, but wonder why its not happening fast enough when they never go to any shoots of any size. The more shooters, the more punches available.

There is a whole world of sporting clays out there folks.....they don't just throw them at your home club. They even throw them in other states. Plan some trips....test yourself against new courses. To me, that is the real challenge in our sport.

Best Regards,


Thursday, January 28, 2010 many variables

Yesterday, the weather broke and I decided to take advantage of the warm[er] temps and get in some practice. The club was short of trappers, so I joined a couple of guys that had a cart and were shooting the course[one of then take an occasional lesson from me]. They mentioned that the targets on station #6 have been giving them fits, and they would like to see me shoot them [no pressure here!].

Well, it turned out to be a true pair- first bird was fast 90mm crosser[edgy] @ about 30-35 yards, and the second bird that you engaged was a much slower curling downhill quartering bird[showing plenty of dome] at about 30 yards. Menu called for 4 pairs. Ok, this pair should have your full attention, but lets not freak out.....we should be able to count on the second bird of the pair, every time, as long as we keep our wits about us.....and we should get our fair share of the harder bird. I managed 7 out of 8, dropping the first bird of the 3 pair- hey, it January OK?

So, my new squadmates are grumbling about being old, and not as fast as they used to be.....about how when they were my age, they could move that fast, and about how they can't see them well enough. OK, so guys what part of the clay are you looking at? I get a half hearted answer about seeing the leading edge. REALLY? Let's look at it about how the sun, which is behind the target...see how it lights up the back corners of the bird? Yeah, yeah we see that now, they now trying the target again, they begin to hit it with at least with some regularity.

But they are still struggling.....they are inconsistent.....they are engaging the targets at various places in the flight....sometimes very late, costing them the precious time they need to ensure kills on the second, easier bird. So, I'm hearing things like "........ just can't see the bird as fast as you do Will", and "....I'm not sure where to break it...". So I ask where they are seeing the bird best, and where they are seeing it first?

With regard to where they see it best, I get all kinds of answers about where they should kill the bird , not where they can focus on the bird the best. We should do everything we can to kill the bird where we can focus on the bird the best. Ok, now that is about where you see the bird first? I get all kinds of answers, mostly about not seeing it well until later in its flight......that is fine, because that is where we are going to kill it.....but what I want now is where do you see the flash of the clay FIRST. That is where you need to have your eyes, in soft focus, when you call for the target. Get your hands moving when you first see the flash, giving yourself the maximum time to kill the bird.

Suddenly, the shot didn't seem so fast.....the guys realized that they had more time than they realized. Because they were looking for the bird earlier, they were seeing it earlier. It was something they had to work at, but they could do it. They weren't as old as they thought.

And mainly they realized that they were focused on the wrong problems, the wrong variables in the shot. It really comes back to basics....things they already knew. But it is sooooo easy to come the conclusion that there must be some other problem than me, the shooter, not doing the work to apply the basics.

Guys and Gals, its all basics. Good shooting is generally just doing a good job of applying the basics. This time of year is a good time to make sure you have your basic shooting squared away.

I think that I'm going back to the range today to make sure of that for myself.



Sunday, January 24, 2010

ShotShow 2010, or Why I'm a Bad Blogger.....

OK gang,
I left a week ago for the ShotShow in Las Vegas to help my buddies at Beretta. I really thought I would come back to my room at night, open the laptop, and keep everyone informed.....well I  was wrong. Long days in the booth, long dinners with friends and associates, led to Will being a bad blogger. I got home last night at midnight, slept 10 hours, and was off to the range to teach in this crappy weather for the afternoon.

I promise to get back on the Blogging Bandwagon tomorrow........

Friday, January 15, 2010

World FITASC Registration is OPEN

The 2010 World FITASC Sporting Championship registration is now open. FITASC's website says that registration will not open till Jan. 18th, but if you go to the site and register a new membership card[ required for the new site anyway] it will let you register. At the time I got my entry in ( 8:40 pm EST on 1/15/2010) there were already 485 entries. They are only taking 1200, so this will go quickly. If you have ANY interest in going to this great shoot, I suggest you enter RIGHT NOW. If you are not sure, read the website, because there is a date that if you withdraw by, you get most of your $$$$ back.

New FITASC Website

See you in ITALY!


The weather has finally broken....its WARM outside!

Heading down to Hermitage Farms for to give a few hours of sporting clay instruction, and its supposed to get up to 66 degrees! Hallelujah! I might be able to wear shorts. It will finally feel to me like the season has begun.

Now its time to get serious. The SEMINOLE CUP is just around the corner.