Thursday, July 22, 2010

Many Changes Here......I've been to Italy, and I have a new MacBookPro

Its been a long month or so....I got very engrossed in a consulting project, and preparing for the world FITASC in Italy for the last month. I rationalized my lack of blogging by planning to blog the entire trip to Italy. Well, the best laid plans of mice and bloggers 'oft go astray! When I landed in Rome, I tried to start my PC notebook, and all I could get was the blue screen of death! I was unbelievably unhappy....but no blogging was to be done on the trip.

I did have a great time, and not only shot the World FITASC, I also visited the BERETTA facility. I do have some pics and will be posting some comments here as time allows....because I took the plunge and bought a new laptop....this time a MacBook Pro, and it is taking some time to learn the new operating system, but I am very hopeful that this will truly be a more stable operating system.

Check back soon as I have much to fill you in on!



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