Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Feb. Trip to Ga. for Sporting Clay Instruction at Big Red Oak, with Help from PMS Firearms

I'm going to make it one more time to Big Red Oak, in Gay Georgia, before Seminole Cup. I'll  there Feb 5-8, and have started booking time slots now. Also, I'll be joined by Mike and Granny Sherman of PMS firearms, and they will be set up in their mobile showroom/gunsmithing trailer there on the property. Mike does shotgun tune-ups, repairs, gun fitting, stock alterations[ Best Recoil pad installation I have ever seen] . His MUCH better half, Mrs Granny, makes the best molded ear plugs, either molded only, or electronic ESP's, out there. They also carry quite a bit of shooting/gun accesories.

This will be a great oppourtunity to get your shooting technique, and your gear, into shape for the coming season!

I would suggest booking your appointment directly with PMS by going to their website and emailing or calling them.... PMS Firearms

For lessons with me, contact me via email willfennell@willfennell.com or call me @ 803-517-4216.



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  1. Will, I was re-watching your FITASC video this week and wanting to remind you how good it is! I'd really like to see you do one on English sporting as well.

    Look forward to seeing you at Seminole!