Tuesday, February 16, 2010

All Packed Up, and Ready to Go to SEMINOLE CUP!

Heading out early tomorrow......I just have to stop by the shell warehouse and pickup ammo for the gang, and then about 10 hours of driving. I've got a good squad- Ben Brunton, John Bauer, Jon Kent, and Vinnie Hancock. JB and Jon can certainly hold their own, but there is something about having a 2 time world champion[Brunton] and a Olympic Gold Medal Winner[Hancock] in your squad to give the squad a good vibe.

There is something about Seminole Cup every year....it is THE EVENT that starts things off. I have been every year since 1995. I won't lie and say that I'm as excited tonite as I was the night before I left for the shoot in '95, but I still get that tingle everytime I get ready for the first Big Blast of the season.



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