Wednesday, February 10, 2010

News from NSCA Advisory "New Executive Council"

Looks like there was some major changes to come out of the NSCA Advisory Council Meeting last weekend in San Antonio....

Newly Elected NSCA Executive Council

Seems like the sentiments must have been to get new blood into the Executive Council.

A thank you goes out to the past Executive Council for the service and dedication of the past members. While eveyone [ myself included] may not have agreed all  with the councils decisions, I think this Executive Council has advanced the sport more than councils of the past. I think no one ever doubted their dedication. The members owe this past Executive Council a debt of gratitude.

To the new leaders on the Executive is your time. You have been elected by your peers, and you owe it to the membership to make the best of your time in office. As you can imagine, many eyes are upon you, do what needs to be done for the best of the sport, not for your own interest, or to win other's approval. You must walk the line of doing what you know is right for the sport, and also not just looking at issues from just your point of view.

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