Thursday, December 31, 2009

Beretta's Loss is ClayshootingUSA's Gain...John Bauer

When I started this Blog, I stated that I would add to the discussion mix information on the business that surrounds the sporting clay world. Well here is a bit of news that many will find interesting, and whether you know the players personally or not, this news will be a certain change in the game. I believe it will be a good one.

John Bauer is leaving his job as Shoots Promotion Manager at BERETTAUSA, after 6 long years of rebuilding the Beretta Shooting Team and working tirelessly to promote clay target sports in the USA, for a position with Brunton Business Publications as Sales and Marketing Director-North America. Brunton publications consists ClayshootingUSA, TrapshootingUSA, and Texas Property Journal. JB [that's what everybody I know calls him] is excited about the new direction, and the exciting possibilities ahead.

While he earned his spurs in the firearms industry, JB had an early interest in journalism and publication. He studied  journalism in college, and is now able to blend his vast experience in the shooting world with publications that bring our sport together. Beretta's loss is the Brunton's, and I believe the  entire sport's, gain.



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