Wednesday, December 23, 2009

NSCA continues to tweak the TEAM USA selection process,...maybe they have it right .....finally?

Well gang, we have complained, and it looks like they have listened! The international committee of NSCA[ that is the group that manages the TEAM USA process and all international sporting[ English Sporting and FITASC] interests in the USA, has revised, again, the process for making the team. Follow the link below.....

2011Team Selection Process understand, this is the process for selection of the 2011 team. This means that this governs the 2010 shoots that will select the 2011 team. They got it done just in time!

I will post further on this update, but on first blush, it certainly seems to make the situation MUCH better than last year, and all years in the past. Thank you goes out to the International Committee!



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