Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Boringly accurate rifle.....the TRG-22

I mentioned earlier that this Blog wasn't going to be just sporting clays. Well, I really enjoy rifles and handguns also. The more serious my shotgun competition has become, the more I enjoy range time with precision rifles and custom handguns. Here is one I have been really enjoying getting to know lately.....the SAKO TRG-22.

Tim Hasting, a good friend and student, has gotten me excited about long range precision rifle shooting. Tim is a long time 'sniper comp' competitor. Hearing his stories, and playing with his rifles got me really fired up to try my hand at this type of shooting. I got in touch with my friends at Beretta, and arranged to demo a TRG. So far, I'm just getting my gear set up, and loads developed, but I hope that next year, I get to go out west with Tim and train at longer ranges in field conditions.

Here is a pic with a 10 shot, 100 yard group....



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