Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Big Red Oak Plantation December trip

I just returned from one of my favorite sporting clubs, Big Red Oak Plantation in Gay, Ga. I'm at BRO about a week a month, and its always good to see old friends. Jimmy Warren was in fine form, as usual. Jimmy spent a morning with me honing the basics, with his sights set on Seminole!

Mary Pitts was there with her new gun, a really nice BERETTA 687EELL. We spent a bit of time on maintenance issues....how to loosen the stock should everything get soaked.....and what needs lube. Then on to crossing targets, to make sure Mary hadn't lost her touch. She is handling the new gun really well. I suspect this season will be good to Mary.

Jimmie Smith worked out a totally imaginary slump, and by the end of the afternoon, was bashing targets with abandon. Jimmie just needs to settle on ONE GUN. I think he is now convinced.

Some new faces rounded out a good trip, and I look forward to seeing everyone in the Atlanta area again in late January. Final date to be announced.



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