Friday, March 5, 2010

Heading to Georgia, Texas, Georgia, and Tennesee

This is my least favorite part of my great job/lifestyle/passion.....packing for the extended road trip. I'm leaving tomorrow ( early tomorrow ) , heading to Burge Plantation for lessons for the afternoon. Then the next day to Big Red Oak in Gay, Ga to teach through Monday evening. Then on to Houston for the National Fitasc Championships @ Rio Brazos over the following weekend. I teach the Monday, Tuesday, and half day Wednesday after the shoot ( 3/15-17) @ American Shooting Centers in Houston. Then back across the south to Atlanta for the Atlanta Charity Clays event ( 3/19-20) at Burge Plantation. I teach in the Atlanta area after the shoot till Wednesday ( 3/21-23) and then head up to the new club, Dogwood Hollow, in western Tennesee for the North American Fitasc Gran Prix ( 3/26-28).

I then get to finally come home.

So back to the thing I hate....figuring out everything I need for basically a month of inside and outdside activities in 3 different states, spread over 3 weeks. Everything from coat and tie dinners at the Charity Clays event, to shooting tournaments in any possible kind of weather, to possibly hunting hogs in Texas.

Oh well, it still BEATS WORKING.



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  1. Get a real job... Lucky SOB

    Good luck and shoot straight.