Sunday, March 28, 2010

The North American FITASC Champioships.......GREAT TARGETS

I'm in a Holiday Inn, part if the way home from Bucksnort, TN and the North American FITASC Championships. Its been a long weekend, with plenty of crappy weather, muddy roads, and great targets! The North American Championships is the new name for the old Pan American FITASC Championships, and is still a FITASC World Cup event, and this year is also a TEAM USA Qualifier. After 8 great parcours, I came from 3 targets behind ( after Saturday's scores ) and tied my old friend Jon Kruger on a score of 190x200. We were both pleased as target setter, former World FITASC Champion for the UK, Ben Husthwaite had predicted that the winning score would be no higher than 188, and probably as low as 182! After a full parcour shootoff, I edged out Jon for the HOA Gold Medal. It was a fun shootoff, and certainly one I won't soon forget!

I'm cold and tired, and soon to be asleep, but here are a few pics.....

The targets were a hard bit of work, but shooting FITASC still beats working!




  1. LOL, You GO Mr. Will! You look good, glad you are taking care of yourself. :) Stacy

  2. Love the photo of you and Jon! Congratulations & thank you for setting this example of true sportsmanship.

  3. Congratulations Will, Great shooting under not so great conditions.