Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stories From the Range

Here is a good story,

So Sunday, I was giving a lesson to a young couple.....apparently they are “dating"....well, he was having a real hard time keeping his focus on the clay till the end of the shot. He was measuring lead, and missing behind. I explained to both of them that when the focus left the target to measure the lead, that the barrels slowed, and he was consistently behind the target. Even though he understood what was going on, he just couldn’t consistently keep his eyes locked on the bird….and he was getting frustrated.

So we took a break, and I told them a story of a 13 year old boy in my youth program that had the same problem. I told the young man to stare at the target like a cheerleader’s butt.....and after a few sheepish laughs and grins, the young shooter started busting targets.

After this break, and moment of levity, I put the guy back in the shooting box, and he called for a bird[ the same one he had missed 10 times in a row]. He smoked the clay! Everyone was happy and congratulations were passed around.

I then asked them what we learned…..before either could answer with something about focus.....I told the young lady the answer was that she is getting a short skirt and pom-poms for her birthday!

Sometimes, I’m sooooo witty, I amuse myself.




  1. I need to tell Allen that trick.. He is dropping about 5 targets every tournament because he looses focus. He is shooting the mid to upper 80s but he can be in the 90s.

  2. How come today you did not tell ME that trick to remember to focus? I got it now and will not forget!