Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The National FITASC is Over, Congrats to Byron Justice!

Well, another National FITASC Championships are in the record books, and a hearty round of congratulations go out to Byron Justice, our new National Champion. Well done Byron. It was a hard fought event, with very challenging targets. Challenging, but fair. I would go back and pay to shoot them tomorrow, if they were still up! Well done Rio Brazos, and especially great job by the target setter, Randy Voss of Caribou Gun Club from Minnesota.

I shoot well enough on the first day, pretty well on the second, and let myself down on the last. Ending up Master 3rd. I shot fair in the 2 sporting events. The main thing is that I really feel the competitive edge coming back to my game, and I'm fired up for my next registered event in 2 weeks time at the North American FITASC Grand Prix.

See you there......



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